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Do I really need website security for my oscommerce website?

Isn’t this only true for big and important websites, such as government, banking applications,healthcare systems, and social networks?

Many people argue that nobody cares about small business websites and that security is less important there because an attacker will not target them.

The answer is that small business are just as much a target as any other business. In the past this was not the case, but cyber criminals will now target any business.

Every website and server has valuable resources and most also have valuable data.

So the argument that nobody is interested in your business is no longer valid.

How does a cyber security breach affect a business?

Cyber attacks can damage your business reputation and erode the trust your customers have for you.

This, in turn, could potentially lead to a loss of customers and loss of sales.

Why do cyber criminals want to target a business?

Here are just some of the reasons:

  1. They want to steal your client data and use it to target your clients.
  2. They want to put ransomware on your website or servers and demand payment to remove it.
  3. They can use your server to send out spam email , mine crypto currency, setup fake websites
  4. Your assets could be at risk. While the customer comes first, an insecure website could also take a toll on your business assets. Cybercriminals can exploit vulnerabilities on your system to install viruses on your website that could impact your computers.

Implementing the proper security solutions will shield your site from the following security threats:

Denial of Service attacks. These attacks can slow or crash your site entirely, removing all functionality and making it inaccessible to visitors.
Malware. Short for “malicious software,” malware is a very common threat used to steal sensitive customer data, distribute spam and allow cybercriminals to access your site.
Blacklisting. This could happen to your website if search engines find malware. It may be removed from search engine results and flagged with a warning that turns visitors away.
Vulnerability exploits. Cybercriminals can access a site and data stored on it by exploiting a website through out of date versions and plugins
Defacement. This attack replaces your website’s content with a cybercriminal’s malicious content.

Putting website security best practices into place will protect your visitors from these common risks as well:

Stolen data – from email addresses to payment information, hackers frequently go after visitor or customer data stored on a site.
Phishing schemes – phishing doesn’t just happen in email – some attacks take the form of web pages that look legitimate but are designed to trick the user into providing sensitive information.
Session hijacking – some cyberattacks can take over a user’s session and force them to take unwanted actions on a site.
Malicious redirects – certain attacks can redirect visitors from the site they intended to visit to a malicious website.
SEO Spam – links to spam websites which will negatively effect your SEO rankings and may get your website blacklisted.

Oscommerce are experts in website cyber security for all types of businesses.

We understand the important principles of modern web security, and can review and implement current security best practices to your website and help to keep your business safe.

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